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By Debra Mayes

June 28, 2014

And “you” thought warm weather would never get here………..

OCCD Trivia – Who uttered the phrase “Lower Elderly” at the OCCD Spring Quarterly Meeting????

Between my writing of this column and when it arrives to you, the NCDA Conference will have been held in Columbus, June 25-28, 2014.  Hopefully you were able to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to attend this national conference with the special registration fee for OCCD members.  OCCD is very pleased be have been among the sponsors. Pics will be posted to our website.  As a part of the host planning committee, I witnessed upfront the tremendous amount of work that Rollin Seward and staff undertook to make this one (if not #1) of the most successful NCDA Conferences!  His next career change may very well be that of event planner!!  I can hear him dryly saying “Or maybe not.”  So, again, Rollin, staff and committee – JOB WELL DONE!!

If you haven’t heard – OCCD will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2015.  DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT schedule anything for July 29-30, 2015.  Rollin Seward aka Mr. Community Development Event Planner has agreed to chair the OCCD 50th Anniversary Committee and is announces the participation thus far of past presidents: Gloria Snider, Jim Baker and Harry Conard, Jr.  Stay tuned – it is going to be a golden celebration!!

More trivia – Gloria was OCCD President in 1972 and the first female president.  Jim served 1989-1990 and Harry 2001-2002.  The OCCD 25th Anniversary was celebrated during Jim’s term and held in Canton.

At the OCCD 2013 Fall Quarterly, Phil Snider presented me with a memento from years gone by – an OCCD license plate bracket!!  Anyone else have one or am I special??

Phil also sent me some additional pics of PRICELESS OCCD mementos.  So I am challenging all of you OCCD members to photograph and send me pics of anything OCCD that you have locked away.  If you can identify when and where they were received that would be wonderful!  I have some ideas that I am anxious to share with the OCCD 50th Anniversary committee.  If you do as well, please let me know and I will pass along –

As I had shared in the past, there have been steps taken toward reinvigorating the Ohio Community Development Professional Certification. Forward progress is being made.  Discussion have been held in offering the Basically CDBG course at the November 19-21 OCD Development Conference.  Initial talks call for one day and a half covering basics and expanded program topics followed by a test to fulfill the first requirement of the certification process.  We will also be addressing the challenging second step which covers HOME. Several folks have spoken to me regarding the Basically CDBG and I encourage you to watch this column as well as the OCCD website.  If you have new staff or staff in need of a refresher, please make them aware as well.

Change of address!!!!  Please replace my old e-mail with!!!!!

Power Point presentations from the OCCD Quarterly meetings are posted to the OCCD website under Learning Resources-Post Training Materials when permission is given by the speakers. Occasionally, due to the size of the presentation because of pictures, this is not possible. The members’ only password is required to access. If you do not have this password, please contact Patricia Richards at

Locations for 2014-

The OCCD 2014 Summer Quarterly Meeting will be held July 30-31, 2014 at Crowne Plaza North, Columbus.

The OCCD 2014 Fall Quarterly Meeting will held October 29-30, 2014 at the Holiday Inn, Downtown

Locations for 2015-

The OCCD 2015 Winter Quarterly Meeting will be held January 21-22, 2015 (note a week earlier than usual) at the Embassy Suites, Dublin.

The OCCD 2015 Spring Quarterly Meeting will be held April 29-30, 2015 at Crowne Plaza North, Columbus.

The OCCD 50th Anniversary Celebration will be held July 29-30, 2015 at Crowne Plaza North, Columbus.

The OCCD 2015 Fall Quarterly Meeting will held October 28-29, 2015 at Crowne Plaza North, Columbus.

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