Ohio Conference of Community Development
Fall 2014 Newsletter
Volume 42 - Issue 1
October 1, 2014

President's Welcome to OCCD

Kenneth Lengieza, OCCD President

Welcome to the OCCD newsletter and fall OCCD meeting.  If you are interested in promoting Community Development in your local community, this is the place to network with other professionals with varied backgrounds.  If you want to have your community benefit all residents, including those that have been disadvantaged by lack of opportunity, this is the place to learn what is working in other areas of Ohio.

If you are only interested in being part of an organization that has friendly, experienced, and useful staff, then again OCCD qualifies with John (Jack) Riordan, Debra Mayes, and Patricia Richards.  If you want to be part of a group where many members freely volunteer to work on committees, this year we have over 60 different individuals!     

In the past, only local communities could be full members.  But now private and non-profit groups involved with Community Development can now be full members and we will welcome their increased participation.  And of course we greatly appreciate the continued involvement of HUD and OCD.  Even though we sometimes question new regulations or policies, we have never questioned the integrity, hard work, and commitment of HUD and OCD representatives.

This year will mark the 50th anniversary of OCCD.   We hope to see old faces come back for our July 2015 conference.   But we also want to see many new faces and members this year.  If you have any ideas, concerns, or want to be more involved, feel free to contact President-Elect Kathy Werkmeister, Vice President Amy Riegel, myself, or any Board Member.  Hope to see you soon!

Fall Agenda 2014

September 25, 2014

The OCCD staff and Executive Board look forward to welcoming you to OCCD’s Fall Quarterly Meeting on October 29-30th. We will meet at the Holiday Inn Columbus Downtown – Capital Square, 175 East Town Street, in Columbus for a day and a half of networking, informational sessions, and a chance to renew and revive our commitment to our communities.   Continue Reading »
2014 - 2015 OCCD Board of Directors and Committees

September 25, 2014

2014 - 2015 OCCD Board of Directors and Committees   Continue Reading »
2014 Annual Member Awards

September 25, 2014

The Annual Member Awards were announced at the Summer Annual Conference of Ohio Conference of Community Development (OCCD).   Continue Reading »
OCCD President's Award - City of Cincinnati, Alston Park

September 25, 2014

The 2014 OCCD President's Award for Innovative Practices was awarded to the City of Cincinnati, Alston Park at the Summer Annual Meeting.   Continue Reading »
Ohio Community Development Professional Certification Renewals

September 26, 2014

Ohio Community Development Professionals (OCDP) Certification Program Renewal Certificates were presented at the Summer Annual Meeting   Continue Reading »

Breakfast With Nature's Jewels Not Tiffany's Window

Jack Riordan, OCCD Development Specialist

Since I am still searching for clues to solve the problems of our towns, instead of my usual left leaning diatribe, I will tell you about my breakfast. I know you are all just dying to know what a Legacy eats for breakfast, so as my first legacy i.e. gift, you get my recipe. (Note from Jack’s team – Jack was this year’s recipient of the Legacy Award. See additional info in this newsletter.)

My morning’s repast begins with a trip to the mail box to get the Dispatch and Wall Street Journal. On the way, I say my daily pray to the Creator of the Universe, thanking The One for my precious moments of consciousness; then I salute the American Flag thanking all the young people who have sacrificed their lives and youth so we can freely enjoy breakfast, almost oblivious to the unjust pain.

While walking back I scan the headlines. Seems even the GOP’s presidential contenders have become concerned about Poverty: not surprising since there are more and more folks sliding out of our shrinking middle class. The GOP, (Grand Old Party) is beginning to realize they haven’t received a plurality of votes cast in the last five national elections and the only way they control the House is a result of gerrymandering congressional districts.

Legacy Note, Statewide elections are more important than ever.

While walking back to the kitchen, I read a Dispatch report on a Harvard School of Public Health study that showed that poor people eat less healthy diets than rich people resulting in poorer health leading to higher health costs. Well? Maybe that is why the rich are opposed to Obamacare.

Preparation for my breakfast began four days ago when one third of a pound of free trade Honduran Marcala coffee was roasted for 28 minutes in a Nesco Roaster made in Two Rivers Wisconsin. The roasted coffee rested in the open air while off gassing. This morning 16 liquid ounces of water were heated to 200 degrees. Twelve degrees below the boiling point so all the oxygen in the water was not boiled away.

Legacy Note, Let’s find a way to “off gassing” politicos below the point reason is boiled away when they forget their role is governance not just getting elected.

While the water was heating, one ounce of lemon juice was added to 4 ounces of water which I drink: then the glass was filled with four more ounces of water and placed near the microwave oven. Next one third of a third of a cup of oat bran, a third of a third of a cup of Irish steel cut oats and a third of a third of a cup of regular rolled oats were placed in a bowl. Into the bowl a heaping teaspoon of Cinnamon from Saigon was added, along with a sixth of a teaspoon each of Turmeric, the curry spice, Cumin, one of the oldest spices used by humankind, Rubbed Sage from Dalmatia, ground Ginger, a rhizome original from south China, Basil, which has been grown in India for 5,000 years, Thyme, once used to embalm Egyptians, and a dash of Cayenne Pepper.

Next a near tablespoon of flax seed, a plant used for 30,000 years as a fiber to make textiles, 4 cloves from Indonesia, and a sprig of fresh Rosemary from a plant which overwinters in our garage where rendered to a powder in a blade grinder. This was added to the oat mixture and blended with the back side of a spoon into a caldera (a hole) which was filled with the four ounces of water previously set aside. With the tip of the handle of the spoon, the dry matter was moved into the water until all were wet. This was placed in to the microwave for 3 minutes 33 seconds. It is important to lick the tip of the spoon clean for it has another job to do.

While the oat mixture and water were cooking, I found a report in the WSJ spelling out the gap between the rich and the rest of us is slowing the economic recovery. Not surprising when many of the rich financial wizards have decided foreign labor costs are cheaper to make much of the stuff we consume and that most of the poor and middle class are relegated to selling and transporting stuff made in other countries and are paid wages not high enough to buy the foreign stuff they move and sell.

Legacy Note, the Walmart Placation theory attempts to dispute this. Cheap stuff is a new Opiate for the poor as well as the rest of us gluts. Bye American. (Another note from Jack’s Team – I don’t know if he means “bye” or “buy”…)

Back to breakfast, next forty grams of the roasted Marcala coffee was ground (a little less than fine) in an Italian designed Breville burr grander and set it aside until the water reaches the right temperature. A paper filter was then placed in a Melitta ceramic cone. When the water is ready; the filter was wetted and the dry ground coffee placed in the bottom of the filter. The coffee was formed into another caldera in the cone with the tip of handle of the spoon and wetted with just enough hot water to cause the coffee to swell. This set for 30 to 40 seconds while carbon dioxide gas escaped. The first little bit of coffee that dripped thought the filter was discarded because the first coffee is usually bitter. Hot water was slowly poured over the brewed coffee in dribbles so that the water did not run down the sides of the cone without passing through the coffee.

While the coffee process continues, one half of a banana, one third of a cup of rinsed blue berries, 4 or 5 strawberries, and a plum were placed on a plate. When the oat mix finished its first cooking, a third of a cup of fat free milk and a small hand full of dried cranberries were stirred into the oat mix. The cooked mix caked in the bowl. The back of the spoon broke up the cake and blended the milk and cranberries. This was put back into the microwave for 2 minutes and 22 seconds. When finished the bowl was very hot so it was carefully set on a fire proof surface and mixed with 4.5 ounces of fat free blueberry yogurt.

While all this was taking place, the bright yellow umbrella over the table on the patio was opened. I set out my binoculars and cover the seat cushion with a towel, to reduce stains. The symphony of flavors of the oat mix, fruit and coffee were too rapidly savored, while spying on the birds at the feeders and retrieving Legacy tidbits from the papers.

I relaxed thinking how lucky I was to have this view. The sky was that special blue; the trickle of the fountain mixed with the chirps and songs of birds some I probably will never identify. A blue bird sang along George Creek and a humming bird sampled Miss Nellie’s fuschia. It’s was all too pleasant.

My reverie ended by two articles in the WSJ one buried on page B3 reporting that businesses are currently getting their highest share of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) as profits since World War II, 10.6% of total US output, while the share going for workers compensation dropped from 50% in 1970 to 42.2% in 2013. The other article on page A4 reports that congress continues to block efforts to increase the minimum wage because it would reduce economic growth. Profits must generate a lot of more donations than pay checks.

As I enjoy the natural wonders from my deck, I kept thinking of my unionized old man and John Steinbeck’s outcry in the Grapes of Wrath for the search of displace tenant farmers for work to regain the dignity of provided for their families.

Legacy Note, America’s current major plague is the absence of dignifying work for poor, uneducated males who really want to work.

When I saw the old lady with the cats she said, “I knew your father. He was a dreamer just like you, but his dreams were much simple than yours. Like so many poor guys in those days he was hoping to get rich hitting the Daily Double. You seem to know you’ve already hit it.”

Legacy Note, We must find a complex recipe for world’s problems of justice and equality and political cooks willing to painfully follow it.

From Our Training Coordinator

Debra Mayes, OCCD Training Coordinator

End of summer ramblings……….

My first inclination was to moan and groan about the passing of summer.  I actually really enjoy fall – the coolness, the foliage, sweatshirts and ironing less.  Seems as though most summer articles of clothing require ironing…. rambling…

Rambling -adjective

(of writing or speech) lengthy and confused or inconsequential.    Synonyms: long-winded, verbose, wordy, prolix; More digressive, maundering, roundabout, circuitous, tortuous, circumlocutory; disconnected, disjointed, incoherent "a rambling speech" antonyms: concise

You have been forewarned……

You may not realize it, but one of my HUGE job responsibilities is reviewing and editing Jack’s written works…  Mr. Legacy as he now is addressed.  Actually that is not written anywhere in my job responsibilities…  However, someone has to do it and as I stated in my remarks concerning his receiving the Legacy Award, I see Jack in a whole different light than I did in my early years with community development.  Larger than life VIP vs. cherished friend.  But, oh, the stories I could tell after ten years.

Reading his column for this newsletter, I realize that I would much rather eat breakfast with him away from his home.  I can’t wait that long for my caffeine in the morning!!!  No breakfast meetings at Jack’s house!

Jack did not know he was receiving the Legacy Award until Dale Hartle began reading the accomplishments of the recipient.  Do you have any idea how difficult it was to keep this a secret??  Not only did the conspiracy involve the OCCD Executive Board, but also Jack’s family.

While Jack was with me in Columbus attending the NCDA Conference, I took the opportunity to call the lovely Nellie Riordan.  From there his daughter and son who live in the Columbus area joined the conspiracy.

July 30th, thinking I had all the bases covered, Jack walks out to his vehicle just as his family arrives to come in through the back entrance of the hotel.  They literally ducked so as to not be seen.  I usher them to ballroom and get them comfortably seated.  One would think all was well as this point.  Remember this is Jack we are herding (think his lady and the cats).  Making my 100th trip (maybe an exaggeration) back to the reception at the front of the hotel, I meet Jack walking out.  “Where are you going?” I asked probably in the tone of the Sisters during his early school days.  Long story short, I convince him to go to the men’s room for a paper towel rather than to his vehicle AGAIN for a handkerchief.  AND I enlist Ken Lengieza to make sure he goes no further than the men’s room.  So far so good. Although Jack admitted he wondered why Ken approached him like he did and directed him back to the reception.

Time for dinner and the awards ceremony.  I am watching for Jack.  Of course someone needs my attention, and he gets past me.  I turn around and he has caught sight of his family.  I am told he did though practically walk past the table with his wife, children and grandchildren without recognizing them…..  Quickly, I tell him that I invited his family so that they would have the opportunity to meet some of the folks his has worked with over the years.  He bought it – hook, line and sinker!  Mission accomplished.

That and singing “Happy Birthday” to Rich Hendershot (who always has been and always will be older than me) were my biggest responsibilities for the evening.  Such a weight lifted from my shoulders so that I could enjoy the rest of the evening!

We were blessed to have Harry Conard join us for the award dinner as he too was an award recipient.  Harry endured surgery earlier and gallantly made the trip accompanied by his faithful family.  I am pleased to report that I had an e-mail from Harry today (Sept. 5) and he reports the doctors are pleased with his recovery process.

What else???  Progress continues in reinvigorating the Ohio Community Development Professional Certification. Introduction to Community Block Grant is being offered at the November 19-21 OCD Development Conference. Office of Community Development and Ohio Conference of Community Development staff will provide an introduction to the Community Development Block Grant Program.  Geared for new practitioners, the session will include an overview of program history, an explanation of national objectives and eligibility requirements, and a discussion on project selection and citizen participation requirements.  Target Audience: Community Development Block Grant practitioners with less than two years of experience.  If you have new staff or staff in need of a refresher, please make them aware as well.  Testing will follow which will be a step in securing the Ohio Community Development Professional Certification.  Those registering for the session will be e-mailed additional information on the testing. Registration is open for the conference and can be found on our website – www.occd.org.

We will also be addressing the challenging second step which covers HOME.

Mark your calendars as OCCD will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2015.  DO Not, I repeat DO NOT schedule anything for July 29-30, 2015.  Rollin Seward aka Mr. Community Development Event Planner has agreed to chair the OCCD 50th Anniversary Committee.  

With the new by-law changes comes the restructuring of some of the committees.  We have a new name, and a bit of a tweeking, but remain committed to providing information and training on topics of interest to you our members.  If you would like to submit topics for consideration or names of potential speakers, please do so through tc-occd@occd.

Lengthy and confused or inconsequential – yes, I believe I accomplished all of those!  Hope to see you in October!

Change of address!!!!  Please replace my old e-mail trainingcoordinator@occd.org with tc-occd@occd.org!!!!!



Power Point presentations from the OCCD Quarterly meetings are posted to the OCCD website under Learning Resources-Post Training Materials when permission is given by the speakers.  Occasionally, due to the size of the presentation because of pictures, this is not possible.  The members’ only password is required to access.  If you do not have this password, please contact Patricia Richards at office@occd.org.


Locations for 2014-

The OCCD 2014 Fall Quarterly Meeting will held October 29-30, 2014 at the Holiday Inn, Downtown

 Locations for 2015-

The OCCD 2015 Winter Quarterly Meeting will be held January 21-22, 2015 (note a week earlier than usual) at the Embassy Suites, Dublin.

The OCCD 2015 Spring Quarterly Meeting will be held April 29-30, 2015 at Crowne Plaza North, Columbus.

The OCCD 50th Anniversary Celebration will be held July 29-30, 2015 at Crowne Plaza North, Columbus.

The OCCD 2015 Fall Quarterly Meeting will held October 28-29, 2015 at Crowne Plaza North, Columbus.


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Update From Ohio Development Services Agency

David Goodman, Director, Ohio Development Services Agency

This summer was full of fun events across Ohio.  From the Nelsonville Music Festival in Athens County to the State Fair in Columbus, these events highlight our communities and celebrate their history and strength.  They also bring visitors to Ohio and our communities. In 2013, Ohio saw an increase in visitors and their spending.

Here at Development Services Agency, we continue to work to help you, our community development partners, sustain and strengthen communities that the citizens of Ohio are proud to call home.  We have developed a new tool to help Ohioans identify resources available through the Development Services Agency.  The “Easy Program Finder” can be found on the front page of the Agency’s website.  Visitors can click a topic to find a brief description of any program. Within the program listing is an agency contact for and a link to more detailed information.  I hope you will try it and let us know what you think.  Feedback is important to making our programs accessible to the widest range of communities.

The Development Services Agency also wants to be a resource for professional development opportunities.  One way we do that is through the Office of Community Development’s annual training conferences.  This year’s Community Development Conference will be held from November 19 to 21, 2014, at the Sawmill Creek Resort and Conference Center in Huron.  The programming offered will be valuable to new and experienced community development professionals.  You’ll have an opportunity to learn more about program updates and requirements, what to expect at an audit and additional training on our new online application system.  Agency staff will present program resources available for community and economic development projects to help you maximize all the resources available through the Development Services Agency.  If you are interested in learning more about the conference, visit the conference website. To register, visit OCCD’s website.

We are looking for your success stories.  Please send us information on the projects that made an impact in your community. We want to know a description of the project, including costs, how it impacted the community, any partners involved, and pictures of the project.  You can submit your project information online by visiting the Office of Community Development’s website or sending the information to Deauna Gibbs at Deauna.Gibbs@development.ohio.gov.

With your help, we’re continuing to make Ohio a great place to work and raise a family.  Thank you, again, for all you do to build and sustain Ohio’s communities! Remember, if you have any questions about our programs, please let us know. We can be reached at development.ohio.gov or by calling (614) 466-2285.

The HUD Report

Jorgelle R. Lawson, CPD Director, U. S. Department of HUD  

 Another Fiscal Year!!! 2015 is here. Change is already taking place. The CPD Risk Analysis was completed earlier this FY and on-site monitoring visits are being planned.

CPD Staff Updates:

The CPD Columbus Field Office welcomes three new employees: Sondra King, Brian White, and Timothy Disalvio. Sondra comes to CPD from the HUD Multi-Family Division and previously held the economist position in our Economic and Market Analysis Division. Sondra has a Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning. CPD welcomes back Brian White. Brian was previously employed by CPD as an NSP Specialist with prior experience at the local level in Savanna Georgia. Brian has a Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning. Tim comes to CPD from the City of Pittsburgh where he served as a Senior Community Development Planner. Tim also has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.


Eminent Domain Statutory Prohibition Remains In Effect: Grantees should remember that the prohibition on the use of CDBG funds in conjunction with eminent domain remains in place.  This prohibition is not in the Housing and Community Development Act, but is contained in each year’s HUD Appropriations Act.  The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2014 (as signed by the President on Jan. 17, 2014) extended the existing eminent domain prohibition:

SEC. 407. No funds in this Act may be used to support any Federal, State, or local projects that seek to use the power of eminent domain, unless eminent domain is employed only for a public use: Provided, That for purposes of this section, public use shall not be construed to include economic development that primarily benefits private entities: Provided further, That any use of funds for mass transit, railroad, airport, seaport or highway projects as well as utility projects which benefit or serve the general public (including energy-related, communication-related, water related and wastewater-related infrastructure), other structures designated for use by the general public or which have other common-carrier or public-utility functions that serve the general public and are subject to regulation and oversight by the government, and projects for the removal of an immediate threat to public health and safety or Brownsfield as defined in the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownsfield Revitalization Act (Public Law 107–118) shall be considered a public use for purposes of eminent domain.

HUD Expands and Renames OneCPD TA Program and OneCPD Resource Exchange: The OneCPD Technical Assistance Program is expanding across HUD and is being renamed the Community Compass Technical Assistance Program. The name Community Compass reflects HUD’s TA goal to help customers navigate challenges and point them in the right direction to best serve their communities. Community Compass is focused on equipping communities with the knowledge, skills, tools, capacity, and systems to implement HUD programs and policies successfully. Further, Community Compass brings together technical assistance investments from across HUD program offices and builds on the previous OneCPD Plus Program as an outcome-focused, cross-Departmental approach to HUD’s technical assistance and capacity building activities. As HUD implements Community Compass, the OneCPD Resource Exchange website is changing to reflect the cross-department scope.  The OneCPD Resource Exchange is now the HUD Exchange. In the coming months, the HUD Exchange will be expanded to provide customers and partners with program, policy, and reporting system information, resources, and assistance for programs across HUD, as it currently does for CPD programs.

Please continue to check your e-mails for updates from my office. If there are any changes in e-mail addresses, please let your CPD Rep or Myrna Cokes know as soon as possible. In addition, please provide updated staffing information to our office. This would include changes resulting from elections, office reorganizations, etc.

See you at the meeting.

Legislation. . .In The News

September 25, 2014

The following is a summary of recent General Assembly activity relating to economic development matters through August 18, 2014.   Continue Reading »
Franklin County Career Pathways to Prosperity

September 25, 2014

Franklin County Career Pathways to Prosperity   Continue Reading »
Worth Noting

September 26, 2014

Worth Noting   Continue Reading »
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