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  • OCCD Celebrates 50 Years

    OCCD Celebrates 50 Years

    OCCD celebrated 50 Years at the Summer Meeting and Gala on July 29, 2015

Welcome to OCCD

We are a 160+ member statewide association of community and economic development organizations, dedicated since 1965, to helping develop, implement and improve federal, state and local programs for community development. Beyond that, to develop and improve professional standards and practices across all phases of public administration related to community development.

Our members are community and economic development practitioners from Ohio 's cities, counties, villages, non-profit organizations and consulting firms.

We are proud of our website, so please visit OCCD online often! We will help you stay current, learn about our new programs and opportunities, acquire resources, and to more fully enjoy the benefits of participation in OCCD.

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George Victor Voinovich Tribute

It is fitting that OCCD’s recognition of outstanding public service will be titled The George Voinovich Award for Distinguished Public Service.

No one in the fifty year history of OCCD has given more to promote government service by his example over nearly four decades in every level of Government. His service began in 1963 as Ohio’s Assistant Attorney General. During illustrious service to the people of Ohio, he was State Legislator, County Auditor, CuyahogaCounty Commissioner, Mayor of Cleveland, Governor, and United States Senator. He is the only person to have been Chairman of National Governors Association and President of the National League of Cities.

It was his understanding of the complexity of Local Government that made him their champion. Although he also pushed “Doing More with Less”, he fought trickle down tax cuts so the necessary resources would be available for government to the deliver essential services.

George was first a good father and husband, then an American Public Servant, and finally an elected public official. One day while he was Governor, I ran into him near the statue of Jewels of Ohio. Each of the seven honored persons who contributed the most stands on a pedestal. He was making notes for a speech he was to give. When he left, I noticed that there is an empty place for the eighth great Ohioan. Maybe now a statue of George Victor Voinovich will grace the vacant place of honor.

Jack Riordan

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  • OCCD 2016 Summer Annual Meeting

    Summer is the season for networking and learning! The OCCD Annual Meeting will be held in Toledo on July 27th and 28th at the Park Inn, 101 North Summit Street. Tom Kroma and his staff have been working on this action packed agenda since last year, and I know you will find new ideas for community and economic development in Toledo’s renaissance more
  • Spring Healthy Homes Forum

    A Spring Healthy Homes Forum, Reducing Lead, Mold, Asthma-Triggers and Poor Indoor Air Quality in Ohio's Housing, will take place on June 9 at the Mayerson Academy in Cincinnati more
  • HUD Rule on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has released a final rule to equip communities that receive HUD funding with the data and tools that will help more

Ohio Conference of Community Development Public Service Scholarship

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The scholarship program was established by OCCD to honor two men who dedicated their careers to Public Service. 

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