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We are a 160+ member statewide association of community and economic development organizations, dedicated since 1965, to helping develop, implement and improve federal, state and local programs for community development. Beyond that, to develop and improve professional standards and practices across all phases of public administration related to community development.

Our members are community and economic development practitioners from Ohio 's cities, counties, villages, non-profit organizations and consulting firms.

We are proud of our website, so please visit OCCD online often! We will help you stay current, learn about our new programs and opportunities, acquire resources, and to more fully enjoy the benefits of participation in OCCD.


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  • Senator Voinovich Accepts OCCD Public Service Award

    Senator Voinovich Accepts OCCD Public Service Award

    Senator George Voinovich accepted the 2015 OCCD Public Service Award at the Spring Quarterly Meeting held on Wednesday, April 29, 2015. The OCCD Public Service Award recognizes individuals who have devoted much of their life to the benefit of society through careers in community development in the public and/or private sectors. more
  • OCCD Member Awards

    Nominations are now being accepted for OCCD Member Awards! Deadline: May 15, 2015 more

Ohio Conference of Community Development Public Service Scholarship

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The scholarship program was established by OCCD to honor two men who dedicated their careers to Public Service. 

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