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OCCD Committees

Executive Committee and Personnel Committee
Function: To govern the Ohio Conference of Community Development, Inc. subject to direction and control of the full Board of Directors.

Committee Officers:
President and Chairman:   Dawn Fish, Canton
Vice-President:Adam Blake, CountyCorp
Treasurer:Lucie McMahon, Columbus
Secretary:Donna Everson, Accelerated Impact
Past President:Terri Fetherolf, Vinton County


Advisory Committee
Function: To closely monitor the general affairs of the Association and recommend to the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors new policies, or changes of existing policies. Also to perform specific policy-related research tasks and problem-solving functions assigned by the Executive Committee, Board of Directors or the Association.

Committee Members:
Chair:  Dale Hartle, Ohio Regional Development Corporation
Board Liaison:  Terri Fetherolf, Vinton County
Paul Herdeg, Cuyahoga County
Kenneth Lengieza, Marion County RPC
Angela Rahman, Kettering
Doug Harsany, Harsany & Associates
Rita Parise, Columbus
Brian Iorio, Cleveland Heights
Terri Fetherolf, Vinton County


Legislative Committee
Function: To monitor state and federal legislation and investigate issues potentially affecting the Association's objective and purpose. To recommend to the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors actions to be taken by the Association concerning significant legislative matters. Also to prepare and offer testimony when deemed necessary on behalf of the Association and to perform related tasks assigned by the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors.

Committee Members:
Chair:  Stephen Torsell, Homes on the Hill
Board Liaison:  Stephen Torsell, Homes on the Hill
Dale Hartle, Ohio Regional Development Corp
Max Upton, North Olmsted
Anthony Core, Squire Patton Boggs LLP
Kenneth Lengieza, Marion County RPC
Phil Downing, Downing Community Advisors
Keelie Gustin, Miami Valley CAP
Terri Fetherolf, Vinton County


Membership Committee
Function: To develop and affect resourceful methods and procedures for recruiting and maintaining a full and active membership in the Association.

Committee Members:
Chair: Rita Parise, Columbus
Board Liaison:  Rita Parise, Columbus
Tawana Jones, Montgomery County
Chad Downing, Downing Community Advisors


Nominating Committee
Function: To be responsible for the orderly transfer of the elected positions of the Association. Also to serve as the Elections Committee during the Annual Meeting, with the Chairman serving as Presiding Officer. The Elections Committee is responsible for validating the eligible voting membership, conducting the elections, tabulating the results and announcing the official results to the membership.

Committee Members:
Chair:  Angela Rahman, Kettering
Lucie McMahon, Columbus
Kenneth Lengieza, Marion County RPC


Finance Committee
Function: To perform an annual review of the audit report of the Association and present findings at a Quarterly Meeting of the Association.  The Committee shall also assist with the preparation of the annual budget, review investments and other financial matters as requested by the Executive Committee and/or the Board of Directors.

Committee Members:
Chair:  Lucie McMahon, Columbus
Board Liaison:  Lucie McMahon, Columbus


State Programs Committee
Function: To address situations, programs, and circumstances which impact those communities, nonprofits, or other entities which do not receive funding for various activities directly from the U.S. Government, but rather, from the State of Ohio.

Committee Members:
Chair:  Nikki Reese, Troy
Board Liaison:  Jotika Shetty, Richland County
Evelyn Warr-Omness, Marion County RPC
Ben Kepple, OCD Representative
Barbara Richards, OCD Representative
Scott Hillis, Ohio Regional Development Corporation
Paul Tecpanecatl, Kleinfelder
Erin Wright, OMEGA
Tiffaney Shaver, Great Lakes CAP
Dirk Lackovich-VanGorp, Clark County
Shirene Starn Tapynik, Alliance for Children and Families, Inc.


Sessions and Training Programs Committee (Quarterly Meetings and Training Needs)
Function: To assist the Vice President with the planning of programs for each of the quarterly sessions and provide input into speakers. This committee shall also be responsible for suggestions for additional trainings.

Committee Members:
Chair:  Adam Blake, CountyCorp
Rebecca Garrett, MORPC
Samantha Walters, Massillon
Barbara Richards, OCD Representative
Holly Miller, Summit County
Lucie McMahon, Columbus
Anthony Forte, HUD Liaison
Erin Wright, OMEGA
Angela Rahman, Kettering
P.O. Box 776
Urbana, Ohio 43078
Phone:  (937) 652-3523
Fax:  1-866-728-4581
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