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OCCD Community Development Certification

The OCCD Community Development Certification was established to create a curriculum of training topcis for CD professionals to understand the CDBG program regulations along with the overlay of Federal Crosscutting requirements CD professionals manage on a daily basis. The curriculum includes a number of required courses or equivalents along with a number of elective topics.  The OCCD Community Development Certification will be valid for a two year period and will continue to remain valid as long as the recipient continues to earn continuing education credits by participating in ongoing professional training to remain current.  One elective per year will be required to maintain the Certification.

Required Courses or Equivalent

CDBG Basics
Environmental Review
Davis Bacon
Income Certification


Fair Housing
Uniform Relocation Act
Subrecipient Management
Lead Safe Housing Rule
Section 3
Program Income
ED/Job Creation/RLFs
Financial Management
Other Options to be Announced


Testing will be conducted virtually.
Tests packets will be sent out to participants on the test day and will be due back electronically within a set number of hours to OCCD. The length of the testing period may vary depending on the specific course.
Participants may elect to participate in training but choose not to take the test in pursuit of certification.

Continuing Education Requirements

OCCD Certification will remain valid for a period of two years; participants can keep their certification in force by earning at least one continuing education credit each year by taking additional OCCD training or equivalents.  

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