Strategic Plan and Committees


Strategic Planning Project Document 


Strategic Planning Subcommittees

Secure financial sustainability and breadth

  • Grants – would need to be specific with outcomes, not operational
  • Fee for Services – what are services that would be offered (beyond quarterly meetings)
  • Unsure about direction for social enterprise
  • Also unsure about new initiatives
  • Changes to fees – research other organizations’ fees
  • Seek out three (3) sources of other funding – secure one (based on having board commitment on a specific goal and outcome)
  • Compare other fee structures

Committee:  Terri Fetherolf, Janel Ranly


Bring real value to a changing membership

OCCD to be a valuable resource in the community in person and online.

  • Baseline training
  • Enhancing online tolls
    • Forum (branding team)
      • Cost for the forum
    • archive
    • monitor
      • board members monitor make sure questions get a response
    • Certification (financial stability)
      • Labor intense
      • Not board
      • Continuing ED
      • Draw in people from outside organization
      • Brings value to changing membership
    • Welcome Wagon
      • Starter package
      • Mentorship
        • Email check in’s
        • Protocol for what it means to be a mentor
        • Recommendation of training from HUD exchange
        • Tool kit for smaller communities
          • Template
          • Broad steps for Entitlement & states
            • Template
          • HUD Exchange (by experience)
            • New Classes
            • Intermediate classes
            • Meeting Format
              • Big annual Meeting
                • Plenary sessions
                • Training separate
                • Big celebration
                • Are there too many meetings?
                • Website (Branding Marketing)
                • Document Repository
                • Social media (high maintenance)
                • Entice to website
              • Member spotlight newsletter

Committee:  Dawn Fish, Rita Parise, Jotika Shetty, Phil Downing, Audrey Flood


Create an organizational and staffing structure to meet new demands

  • Staffing Task Force to examine alternative approaches to building capacity and staffing organization and select the approach most effective within four months
  • Recognize and respond to increased demand for staff time and specific types of expertise. Staffing Task Force to delineate anticipated increase in workload based upon added tasks and recommend increase in staffing approximate to total task load within four months
  • Staffing Task Force to review and consider how board is organized and utilized and make recommendations within four months
  • Staffing Task Force to consider augmenting staffing through the use of low cost approaches such as AmeriCorp/Vista, internships, etc. and make recommendations within four months

Committee:  Doug Harsany, Karen Gabbard, Lucie McMahon


Expand and Capitalize on partnerships

  • Within six months, task force will analyze priority partnerships and recommend three (3) priority organizations to the board
  • Within one year, board representatives will discuss and/or strategize with priority partnerships and identify opportunities to collaborate and share resources regarding service to our memberships and around policy and advocacy
  • Within six months, task force will develop 2 strategies to strengthen relationships with HUD and ODSA

Committee:  Brian Iorio, Adam Blake, Paul Tecpanecatl, Mary Crockett


Branding and marketing of both the organization and community development

  • Purpose of branding and marketing – grow membership and partnerships
  • Update/Redesign the website by the end of the year – December, 2020 – to include a forum, funding resources, calendars, presentations, testimonials, and spotlight upcoming speakers, award winners
  • Increase website hits – 10% increase in traffic
  • Develop platform/campaign – defining value, ensuring methods, strengthening interconnectivity – heightening awareness of OCCD, increase attendance / membership
  • Increase engagement with membership – at meetings, with membership, forum participation and social media posts/tags – Facebook / LinkedIn
  • Update tag line on OCCD logo – “Honoring Our Past / Transforming The Future”
  • Update mission statement on website

Committee:  Angela Brown, Tawana Jones, Pat Richards


Develop an advocacy and policy platform

Committee:  Steve Torsell, Joy Pierson, Mary Crockett, Phil Downing 

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