Passing of Jack Foley

By Debra Mayes

December 21, 2015

Passing of Jack Foley

Received word from Mike Keys that Jack Foley passed away December 18, 2015. Jack was a great friend of OCCD beginning with his position as Community Development Director of the City of Warren and as a Member Emeritus. Several years ago he attended an OCCD Quarterly with Mike and shared many “interesting” stories in the hospitality suite. My memories will always be of a kind, warm, always smiling man and his revealing of “Grasshopper” aka……….

Comments regarding Jack’s passing-

 Vince Lombardi-

Jack was a big Man with a big Heart.  He always was friendly and gracious and had a great sense of humor.  He had a fishing cabin in Canada which he would visit each year--usually at the time of one of our meetings!!  One time when I was at the State my assistant at the time Jim Danes, who was from Warren, had to relocate his aging grandmother out of her home in Warren.  We called Jack and he helped find a place in a 202 housing development for her.  Jim and I are very grateful for his help and his big heart!!  He is missed!! 

Jack Riordan-

Foley was always fun.  I always thought he was brightly dancing around the rules.  His job was a way to pay for Canada.

Fritz Leighty-

Thanks for the info.  Jack was both a friend and a client for many years.  If my memory serves me he came in as the Relocation Head after Bob Dawson got promoted to be the first Black Urban Renewal Dir. in Ohio after the death of his boss.  Bob had been the Relocation Head in Warren.  Recall doing one urban renewal blight study for Jack in an area that was nothing but WWII temporary housing that was supposed to be torn down after the war.  Wasn't, and had become a violent drug ridden slum area.  It was a hoot.  We got stopped by the cops several times.  Showed them letter from Mayor as to what we were doing there.  They were actually more worried about our safety than our criminal intent.  Intentionally, we would get out in the field as early as the sun would permit.  We would plug at it hard doing the inspections and such until early afternoon.  By then the drunks, druggies, prostitutes and such were getting up and about and giving us the evil eye.  This was no joke.  One of the units we inspected was a murder scene where a guy was machine gunned to death.  Blood was still on the walls and floor as well as numerous bullet holes.  So, we would adjourn to someplace cool to do condition write-ups, tallies, and corrections of hasty field notes and pics.  Jack got a kick out of how we did it to avoid putting ourselves in harm's way-----at least to the extent that we could do so.  He will be missed.  Great guy!


Rest in peace Jack Foley. God bless.  Keep em laughing!



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Jack Foley was a great guy and it was sad to hear the news about him passing away in 2015. I know there were some review people that were crying their eyes out when they heard this news. It was very disheartening to see.
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