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On Our Radar: News Clips from Greater Ohio Policy Center

September 23, 2019
At Greater Ohio Policy Center, we monitor the news daily to learn more about the sustainable growth initiatives and related developments in our state and beyond that affect Ohio. Below are articles that caught our attention over the last few weeks, and we thought they might interest you as well. If you have an article you would like to share with us, please email it to Jason Warner at   

Thank you,
The Greater Ohio Policy Center Staff

Campaigns & Elections

4th Democratic presidential debate set for Otterbein University in Westerville
A mere 15 years ago, Republican George W. Bush cemented Westerville’s reputation as a solid GOP area by rolling up a 23-point margin on his way to a narrow Ohio win that propelled him to a second term as president.
Columbus Dispatch - 9/14/2019 Reporter Darrel Rowland

In picking Ohio for a debate, Dems recognize the state matters. Now for some locally relevant debate questions

CHEERS ... to the Democrats for including Ohio in the presidential debate circuit. Now, use questions that matter to this state -- on manufacturing, Great Lakes water quality, jobs and other matters. As it happens, our editorial board roundtable has made specific suggestions.
Cleveland Plain Dealer - 9/19/2019 Reporter Editorial Staff


Time for Toledo to think big
Toledo is poised for something great right now. It is ready to go to the next level.
Toledo Blade - 9/8/2019 Reporter Keith Burris

Former Columbus mayor says Toledo can thrive like state capital
As Toledo undergoes an economic renaissance, the city can learn from development decisions that have catapulted Columbus to an economic power in the Midwest, the state capital’s former mayor told community members Wednesday at a Lucas County Port Authority event.
Toledo Blade - 9/19/2019 Reporter Brooks Sutherland

Economic & Workforce Development

Editorial: Leading the country in prosperity is worthy goal for One Columbus
The flip side of poverty has the attention of powerful forces in Columbus, and that’s as it should be.
Columbus Dispatch - 9/6/2019 Reporter Editorial Staff
Changing Lima faces new challenges with workforce, perception
LIMA — Dome’s Nut Shop in downtown Lima doesn’t look much different than it did 43 years ago.
Toledo Blade - 9/6/2019 Reporter Asha Prihar

Energy & Utilities

Replacing lead water pipes a priority for Toledo
Toledo City Councilmen and community activists are adamant the city’s 30,000 lead water service lines be replaced once a new regional water system is established, and work to modernize those pipes is about to ramp up.
Toledo Blade - 9/6/2019 Reporter Sarah Brookbank

Tuscarawas gets details on water systems improvements project
KEY ACTION Scott Wangler and Steve Hamit of Thrasher Group detailed the final version of the Preliminary Engineering Report for the water system improvements project.
New Philadelphia Times Reporter - 9/6/2019 Reporter Cindy Davis

Housing & Urban Revitalization

Our view: Downtown Newark a jewel for the entire community
The golden age of Newark's downtown is now.
Newark Advocate - 9/9/2019 Reporter Editorial Staff

Project REBUILD helping young adults find direction while creating affordable housing
CANTON, Ohio — Project REBUILD has been making the Canton area A Better Land for 20 years while it mentors students between the ages of 16 - 24, teaching them work and communication skills while they build affordable housing.
WEWS TV Cleveland - 9/9/2019 Reporter Kevin Barry
Cleveland Heights officials still looking at student loan incentive program to attract new homeowners
CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Council wants further research into possible student loan repayment incentive programs aimed at attracting college graduates to buy homes in the city.
Cleveland Plain Dealer - 9/10/2019 Reporter Thomas Jewell

Embrey, officials discuss plans to restore Main Street buildings

ZANESVILLE — There's new hope for a group of deteriorating buildings on Main Street after a meeting that allowed members of local government and the new owner of the buildings to discuss a path forward.
Zanesville Times Recorder - 9/18/2019 Reporter Thomas Robertson

Land Use

Think your property is a brownfield site? You might get it tested at no cost to you
ZANESVILLE — If you live in Muskingum County and believe your property may be a brownfield site, you can apply for funding to cover the cost of testing.
Zanesville Times Recorder - 9/6/2019 Reporter Thomas Robertson

Local Government

Pataskala officials weigh residential design standards
In recent months, developers and Pataskala council members have debated market conditions, density and size of units related to residential development proposals.
Newark Advocate - 9/10/2019 Reporter Craig McDonald

Wayne County ranks agriculture, housing and parks top priorities

Preserving farmland, managing growth and development, and investing in parks and green spaces top the priority list for the updated Wayne County Comprehensive Plan.
Wooster Daily Record - 9/17/2019 Reporter Emily Morgan 


What can Minnesota teach us about sharing? Cleveland 2030, A Way Forward
MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – For nearly a half century, the Twin Cities region of Minneapolis and St. Paul has wowed urban planners and good-government types with a progressive approach to governing that includes a one-of-kind system of tax sharing.
Cleveland Plain Dealer - 9/16/2019 Reporter Peter Krouse

Transportation & Infrastructure 

Early scooter use in Cleveland suggests commuter use, as well as leisure riding
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Bird and Lime have only had scooters in Cleveland for a week and a half, but already there are hints that the vehicles are being used for more than just leisure riding.
Cleveland Plain Dealer - 9/6/2019 Reporter Robert Higgs

RTA considers joining regional transit group favored by rider advocates
CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Greater Cleveland Regional Transit committee on Tuesday approved joining NEORide, a consortium of transit agencies in Ohio and Northern Kentucky that promotes cross-regional transit options and aims to make transit easier to use.
Cleveland Plain Dealer - 9/11/2019 Reporter Courtney Astolfi

Feds award $7.5 million to study self-driving vehicles in Ohio
Ohio got an infusion of federal money for testing self-driving vehicles on Tuesday.
Columbus Dispatch - 9/11/2019 Reporter Rick Rouan
Laketran seeks to add 10-year 0.25 percent sales tax on goods purchased in county
Laketran is asking voters in the Nov. 5 General Election to approve a 0.25 percent sales tax for 10 years.
Willoughby News Herald - 9/16/2019 Reporter Chad Felton

Bus tax or no? The Cincinnati Metro board should decide this month.

It’s been a recurring story for years with Cincinnati Metro: Will they or won’t they ask voters for a levy?
Cincinnati Enquirer - 9/17/2019 Reporter Hannah Sparling
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