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OCCD Statement

June 24, 2020

As an organization with its history rooted in the Model Cities Program that was created in response to social unrest in the 1960s, we condemn injustice and institutional racism. The Ohio Conference of Community Development stands with communities to demand more accountability regarding unreasonable use of force by our law officers and expect action against those who commit police brutality. Systemic racism cannot be tolerated. We continue to support economic and social equity. 

The Ohio Conference of Community Development identifies systemic racism as a root cause of poverty. Its legacy results in disparate negative outcomes in many areas of life, including housing, economic opportunity, employment, mental and physical health, food access, education and criminal justice. 

OCCD supports all efforts within the State of Ohio and nationwide to address racism and disparities due to racial inequities. We support economic and social equity. We support policies and resources to promote and protect civil rights and empower communities of color. We ask our members to examine their own communities and work to remove the racial and ethnic prejudice, bigotry and bias that have unfortunately been inherited through unfair practices, policies and laws. 

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