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Lead Safe Ohio Program Application LIVE

August 28, 2023

The Ohio Department of Development has posted Lead Safe Ohio Program application instructions and the Program Policy and Procedures have been posted at

The Lead Safe Ohio Program – County Allocation for Construction Activities application is now “live”. Access the application at by clicking Lead Safe Ohio Program.

  • The application instructions indicate an OCEAN user form is required.  This is not necessary.  Please do not complete the OCEAN user form to gain access.  You will sign in with your Development Salesforce account information or create a new account.
  • You will need the Tax Identification Number (Tax ID) of the applicant (contracting party) with Development to initiate the application.
  • An application may be started if the applicant is not in the Ohio Pays system but cannot be submitted. To get added to the system, the agency will need to access the Ohio Pays website. Once logged into the supplier portal, there are instructions on what forms will be needed. The link is: Questions on Ohio Pays should be directed to OBM Shared Services at 877-644-6771.

Frequent Procurement questions:

  • Will the money be allocated to County Commissioners to be the lead grantee like with the CDBG funds? Do the Commissioners have to be the applicant, or are other entities able to apply and be directly awarded?

Answer: There will be one grantee (grant agreement) per County. The County Commissioners can be the applicant, or they can appoint/designate an agency to apply on the county’s behalf and be the grantee.  Either way, there will only be one application/contract, unless a City within the County was specifically detailed out in the NOFA as an eligible City.

  • If a non/for-profit organization is the applicant, not the county, does the organization need to have each community authorize them to apply on their behalf?

Answer: If an agency is applying on the jurisdiction’s behalf, they must upload a copy of a designation letter from the jurisdiction.

  • If a non/for-profit organization is preparing the application and administering the program, but the jurisdiction is going to be the applicant (contracting party) with Development, must they procure the services of the non-profit organization?

Answer: Applicants shall use their own procurement procedures which adhere to applicable state and local laws and regulations, provided that the procurement conforms to applicable federal law and the standards identified at 2 CFR 200.

  • Please see Page 5 of the Application Instructions for details on applicants, administrator options and procurement.

The Lead Safe Ohio Program website will be updated soon with this information.  Please contact Matthew Spiess at, Colleen Siadik at or Barbara Richards at if you want questions.

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