OCCD Annual Award Descriptions

Community Development Professional of the Year

In recognition of community development professionals whose work on a project or program had a major impact on their community.

Young Community Development Professional of the Year

In recognition of young community development professionals whose work on a project or program had a major impact on their community.  Must be under the age of 35.

Community Development Department of the Year

In recognition of a department whose programs collectively or one program singly has made a signicant impact in their community.

President Award for Innovative Practices

In recognition of unique and creative programming that at least partially uses HUD or State funds in the delivery of housing and community development services. Selection will be based upon: the significance of need addressed, the ability to sustain the impact over time, the ability of the project to be replicated elsewhere with similar success, and the scope of the impact on the community.

Intern of the Year

Recognition will be given to community development students who have performed exemplary work in and exhibited overwhelming commitment to their internship. This is the inaugural year of this award that recognizes undergraduate and graduate students. The student must be currently enrolled or a recent graduate of a program related to community development at an accredited institution in Ohio. Each awardee will receive free registration to four OCCD quarterly meetings.

Only OCCD Members may be nominated. Please include the name, address, phone number and e-mail addresses of both the nominator and the nominee and the name of the award for which they are being nominated. Please include no more than a 500 word description of the nominee, which includes key reasons for why the individual, organization or project should receive the award as well as a digital photo to be used during the awards ceremony for publicity purposes. Also include two third party letters that support the nomination.

Ohio Conference of Community Development Public Service Scholarship

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The scholarship program was established by OCCD to honor two men who dedicated their careers to Public Service. 

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