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A New Day Dawning

Jack Riordan December 17, 2018

Crawling through my cluttered mind looking for a way.

Now that we will have a more balanced National Government, this is not the time to crow but to quietly find compromises, to forget what separates us, concentrate on what unites us, work to find ways to bring our divided country to some semblance of harmony despite all the chaotic obstacles that separate us. Putting aside my sincere preaching, the Cat Lady said, “what you are asking is a long way away. It’s like going to Mars. We are so opinionated and dictated to by enormous amounts of money.” What she said is true but there are cranks that may be used to find compromised positions that although not completely liked by all, may be acceptable to some, the issues that separate us.     

  1. Global warming and the related question of the importance of higher education and scientific research to long range government policy.
  2. Affordable Health Care with preexisting conditions for all.
  3. Correcting our Immigration systems and the damage it has caused.
  4. Repair and upgrade our frugal infrastructure for aging water and sewer systems, limited access to the Internet, crumbling roads, bridges, and rails.
  5. Income and tax break inequality with so many legal ways money can be hidden from taxation and secretly influence policy.
  6. The status of the First Amendment protection of the freedom of Religion, as well as Speech, the Press, and the rights to assemble and petition. Does our Freedom of Speech include the right to secretly hide political donations?
  7. Women’s Right to control their reproductive system vs the right to life.
  8. Gun Control and the meaning of the Second Amendment.
  9. Russia’s interference in our elections and the Mueller investigation.
  10. The murder of Washington Post reporter and US resident Jamal Khashoggi and the role of Saudi Crown Prince, the absolute totalitarian ruler. And the US support of the Saudi Arabia and its role in the War in Yemen which is part of a 1300-year-old dispute between Sunni (Saudi Arabia and 85% of Moslems) versus Shia (Iran and the rest of Moslems) over the successor of Mohammed.

The best place to start is with dealing with global warming. There is so much damage being caused by changes in weather patterns. Just an increase in awareness of what can be done to slow the changes would be helpful. The damage is mainly along the coasts and the forested areas of the west. The coasts are mainly controlled by Democrats and are a long way from the midland GOP strongholds but the gains of the Midwest can only get to foreign markets by ship from the coasts. Also, the GOP south is been hit by more frequent hurricanes. Perhaps a coalition can be formed.

Health Care is another possibility.  The opposition to ObamaCare was based on old GOP policy of reducing the size and role of government which was destroyed by the last tax credit and the push for billions for the Border Wall.

Immigration reform maybe possible by emphasizing the labor aspects and transforming the physical wall, which will only attract ways to get over or under it, to an electronic, digitized barrier, with more staff, and moving all immigration requests to Embassies.

Infrastructure improvements are on everyone’s Christmas list but are very expensive and, with the GOP tax cut not generating enough revenues to pay for its giveaway to the rich, will be extremely difficult. Some type of excise tax on wealth and income may be acceptable to all of us.

Taxes, First and Second Amendment issues, and gun control, should be put at low heat on the back burners until an opportunity arises.  Let Mueller call the shots on Russia.

The Murder of Khashoggi by the Crown Price of Saudi Arabia and USA support for the murderous war in Yemen may be close to resolution. We cannot place all the blame for the US role in the war in Yemen on President Trump. The United States of America for some reason has been providing arms to Saudi Arabia for decades; initially to have a partner to control the price of oil for maximum profits. Now, it seems to keep the price of gas low and to get votes. Historically it may have also been trying to protect Israel and stop Iranian terrorism.

The disastrous war started as an unanticipated consequence of the 2011 Arab Spring uprising and the religious separation of Sunnis and Shea Muslims. Since 2015, we helped and supplied weapons for the Saudi’s air and naval war that has killed directly and starved thousands of children. The senseless dying has gotten worse under President Trump because of his family’s absolute total support of the Evil Prince. Why, what does the US have to gain?  Trump supported him even after he ordered murder of American resident and Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Of course, the Evil Prince said “Khashoggi was an enemy of Saudi Arabia”, just as President Trump has said The Free Press is an enemy of our country. 

No support for freedom of the press but vociferous support for Religion. The abortion issue is also a religious issue in which many Christians believe that the Right to Life should be part of ours Bill of Rights and end abortion which the Supreme Court’s 1973 7-2 ruling that abortion was a Right of Women to choose.

By the way, there are no churches of any Christian denomination or Jewish Synagogues in Saudi Arabia. The Catholic Filipino guest workers must meet “Online” or in each other’s houses. While in Iran there are hundreds of thousands of various forms of Christians with churches and 20,000 Jews and 13 synagogues.

Compromises will require both sides to unpack some of the luggage we have been carrying. There will be fights over what comes out take up latter.

Smile there really is a New Day Dawning.

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