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How Much Money Will We Need in Heaven?

Talk about a presumptuous question! Edward O. Wilson's book, "The Social Conquest of Earth" attempts to explain why we humans of all the species that have evolved over the four plus billion years of earth’s history ended up dominating our tiny blue sphere. The book revealed possible answers to questions that plagued much of my adult thinking...
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Disposing of Vacant Land and Abandoned Houses

The fallout of the housing crises is on your door step. After every housing sale there are two entities that have a long term interest in the property, the buyer and you
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Life's Luggage - Jack Riordan

We carry baggage through life, not the pounds we add but the mental burdens that determine who we are, what we like, dislike, what we think important and how we act in public and how we act in private when we think no one is looking. Some of these life determining factors we picked up when we are barely conscious. Some baggage comes from genes that made their way to us from distant ancestors or a giggle during conception. We are what we are, mainly because of our parents, but teachers, ministers, playmates, and the physical and mental environment of our early years played a significant role in filling the bags we carry.
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Lorain to map, grade vacant homes to face demolition

LORAIN - A new study will map and grade Lorain's vacant homes to prepare for future demolition. The city and the Thriving Communities Institute, a program of the Wester
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Fedoras, Babushkas, and Black Habits Or What Happened To Men - Jack Riordan

As I sat in the dentist chair, there was a picture of what we Chicagoans call Cub’s Park, better known as Wrigley Field with a crowd waiting to get into a 1945 World Series game.
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Brookings Alert - June Job Numbers Bring Some Good News

A Brookings Alert - forwarded by Jack Riordan
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Public Service

Public Service
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Lost But Maybe Found

When I shared my concerns with the Old Lady with the Cats she grinned, "That new Pope of yours seems to be using the same economic playbook as you. You need to find ways to use this Pope's perspective to highlight reality of the poor and middle class in Ohio’s Communities and get some of the successful to pony up.”
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50 Years of the War on Poverty and My 70 Year Struggle with Black Equality

Early in the Second World War, when I was five or six, a little black boy walked down the other side of our street. Three or four of us preschool kids repeatedly yelled a well-known racial slur until my Grandma came out and said, “Hush that is not nice and they do not like it.” Grandma was a single mom from Kentucky. She claimed her family had a former slave living in their house long after the Civil War.
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Thank You to OCCD

Officers and Members of OCCD, Thank You Jack
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The Lapsing Legacy Squints into the Next Fifty Years

It is the Day of the Bird as I start this January message. I am thankful for the memories OCCD and I share; some occurred before many of you started school, long before there was the Box On Grate Hotel or you got a glimpse of the Little Old Lady with Cats. I am thankful for the good that OCCD has achieved to improve the lives of the citizens of our Communities and the tiny bit I was able to contribute.
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Voinovich Versus the Voracious

“I don’t understand why there wasn’t an outcry when they cut….” Some of you had an outstanding opportunity to listen to a Great Ohio Public Servant, Senator/Governor/Mayor/County Commissioner/ County Auditor George V. Voinovich. He is unique! He deviated from his prepared remarks while talking about his efforts to preserve public support of local governments. The cuts he decried were illumination of the Estate Tax, the Local Government Fund and the 10% Real Estate Tax; all cuts made to balance the State Budget and reduce income taxes. We all know who really benefits from cuts in income taxes.
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The Wisdom of the Old Lady with Cats

Back in the late 1970s, Nina Perkins, the OCCD newsletter editor, helped me to prepare a quarterly report about what was going on at HUD. As the 1980s began, Homeless programs took on more significance and after a trip to New York City, I incorporated comments of our failures to address the problem of the homeless from the perspective of folks living in box and grate hotels on the streets of our cities.
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What Skills Will Be Needed To Get A Job This Year, Next Year, Five or Ten Years? What skills will Add Value to a product or service that an employer will pay to have in their workforce?
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The Decent of Man(kind) and the Decline of the Middle Class

The sadness about this presidential campaign season is its endless insanity, but I am afraid that its craziness hides an underlying pervasive national sickness. As simple as it may seem the malady is caused by a lack of meaningful work with roles for males that have dignity and much too much secret money in politics. This is not an easy read.
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The Long Slow Exit from My Dad's Ethnic World

When I was conceived eighty years ago in Chicago, my father gave me his world; I have left out my mother's essential participation in the process, because she was from Kentucky via Morgan County in southern Illinois and almost as much a foreigner as I was when she delivered me. Dad's world was an ethnic hodgepodge, in which nearly every European community had its section of the city or neighborhood where their language was spoken and displayed on signs, in newspapers, and even taught in schools.
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Women's Half Century Parity Climb and This Election

The rioting in Milwaukee, where I went to college caused me to reflect on the changes since the riots in my Chicago in the 60s where I worked with the elderly poor and got my first taste of efforts for Black Civil Rights and Equality. Much has
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New Zealand, Brief Introduction February 2016

After a 2 day, thousand mile voyage from Tasmania Australia across the Tasman Sea, with by Albatrosses and Boobies trailing our ship, our first day in New Z was in Milford Sound. In addition to the 1000 foot rock walls and 500 foot waterfalls, it was a great intro to the "Shaky Isles".
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This is a more information about H. B.390 which becomes law in September.
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Wisdom From The Cat Lady

Feeling low, beginning to realize the full potential impact of what had just happened. . .
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Barriers vs. Walls

Birds don't know - nor the winds slow,
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Federal and State Housing Policy Update

Federal and State Housing Policy Update
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What Separates Us?

Why are we so divided and unwilling To Live and Let live?
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Today, Maybe Tomorrow

That’s a depressing title for an attempt to understanding why people don’t accept each other’s views and why we think our view is the only one really true.
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The Roller Coaster

I have been wallowing in an unhappy state, brought on by my concern for my beloved country which seems to be sinking into a land of hatred controlled by greedy people who ignore science for their benefit but our detriment.
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Downside of Home Grown Tomatoes

Almost every day in the summer begins the same. After I thank the Creator, (most of us call God) source of light, liquid water, and life and salute all those who gave their youth and lives or love ones for our country and its flag, I meander to my garden
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The Meanderings of Troubled Mind Through Shipshewana

Why would a wine group go to Shipshewana Indiana; it's a dry and 4-hour drive? Our Frugal Grape gang makes a yearly, weekend excursion for a gabfest, taste interesting wines and foods, plus explore.
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A New Day Dawning

Crawling through my cluttered mind looking for a way.
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My False Pride, Black History and America’s Superiority Complex

I am proud of having a job every year since I was 13, from paper boy, grocery boy, helper on Coca Cola trucks, soda jerk, waiter, mechanic in the Army, Urban Monk, USAID Refugee Relief Officer in Vietnam, HUD CD Official, State CD Administrator and now part-time with OCCD.
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