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Jack Riordan

Jack's Blogs

Thanks, OCCD For The Memories

As the old song says, “Breaking up is hard to do”.  Only Fritz has been around longer.  My 48 years flew by and I went from Young Turk to Old Fart.  The face-to-face feedback from OCCD’s original members helped me understand a new job and helped OCCD evolve from the Urban Renewal Association of Ohio to the Ohio Conference of Community Development.  
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Boring Saga of an Old Guy Getting Older, Messages from Reality - Spring 2020

I was wallowing in remorse that age was slowly taking away functions of vitality and relevance to the problems that were washing over the world I so loved. COVID 19 crept into my many lives at the same time that my body sent urgent messages. I was going to be limited by an invisible invader
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All Lives Matter, When Did They Ever?

All Lives Matter. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that mantra since Michael Brown’s killing. When you do hear it it’s typically said by those who are opposed in one way or another to the Black Lives Matter movement. 
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The Ever-Changing Nature of What We Value and What We Fight

I'm old enough to remember how united we were in World War II when we fought countries not only with our Armed Services but with civilian sacrifices, shortages, long lines, rationing and recycling. One of my jobs was to wait in line for my Mom
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What is Our Heritage?

Because of my long, but spotty history with the GOP, (I voted for Nixon the first Time) the Heritage Foundation sent me a letter; there is a debate in DC about the “proper use of taxpayer’s money, and the constitutional role of the federal government,” they asked that I fill out  “Questionnaire 114” as well as send them a few bucks which I’ve never done.
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Trying to Understand Those Who Do Not See the USA As I Do

Watching fireworks on TV with a grandson, my wife and I on the big screen TV, and the little guy on his iPad, I realized just how addicted to comfort and convenience I have become. It's a far cry from my exploratory youth
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White Superiority Complex

Bread For the World Made a very revealing presentation at our April Quarterly Meeting on the government sources of the Racial Wealth Gap and our unrecognized guilt of the persistent poverty of most African Americans; an issue that has troubled me for a long time. Why?
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My False Pride, Black History and America’s Superiority Complex

I am proud of having a job every year since I was 13, from paper boy, grocery boy, helper on Coca Cola trucks, soda jerk, waiter, mechanic in the Army, Urban Monk, USAID Refugee Relief Officer in Vietnam, HUD CD Official, State CD Administrator and now part-time with OCCD.
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A New Day Dawning

Crawling through my cluttered mind looking for a way.
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The Meanderings of Troubled Mind Through Shipshewana

Why would a wine group go to Shipshewana Indiana; it's a dry and 4-hour drive? Our Frugal Grape gang makes a yearly, weekend excursion for a gabfest, taste interesting wines and foods, plus explore.
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Downside of Home Grown Tomatoes

Almost every day in the summer begins the same. After I thank the Creator, (most of us call God) source of light, liquid water, and life and salute all those who gave their youth and lives or love ones for our country and its flag, I meander to my garden
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