Must Read Book List

By Debra Mayes

January 25, 2013

If you didn't attend the OCCD 2013 Winter Quarterly - STOP reading. 

If you attended but did not stay for the session entitled "Federal Issues: What are the issues that will impact Local Governments as of January 23, 2013 and how should we react?" starring Lisa Patt-McDaniel, Director of Community Development, Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing and Gene Krebs, Board Member Local Government Innovation Council - STOP reading after "Game".

For everyone else in attendance who missed the opportunity to jot down Gene Kreb's "Must Read Book List" - Read On!

"The Big Sort" by Bill Bishop

"The Fourth Turning" by Strauss and Howe

"Inside Game, Outside Game" by David Rusk

"Coming Apart" by Charles Murray

"Buckeye Battleground" by Dr. John Green

Perhaps we could start an OCCD Book Club!!!



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