Earl Sterzer, OCCD Past President

By Debra Mayes

January 27, 2015

Provided by Fritz Leighty

Just saw this AM that a man who ran one of the largest and most successful urban redevelopment programs in Ohio died yesterday.  I am referring to Earl Sterzer PE, former Urban Renewal Director, Community Development Director and City Manager of the City of Dayton.  This man administered all manner of programs for the City with great success and integrity.  I know!  I was his (City's) Urban Renewal Rep out of Chicago HUD from '65 through 67.  I learned much in my years working with Earl and his highly talented staff.  I recall our first meeting.  I told him I was new and wet, but I was going to do my job.  That said I wanted him, and his staff, to teach me all that I could absorb.  He was one of the "quiet" leaders in the establishment of the Ohio Urban Renewal Association and, eventually, OCCD.  He was a quiet, level headed, dedicated guy who kept a low profile while doing a great job. I never saw him lose his temper, though he often had good reason to do so. While Youngstown, Cleveland and others generated mounds of HUD "findings", while stealing all that was not nailed down, Dayton, under Earl, had reports that would fit in a small personal envelope.  YES!!!  I was doing my job!!!!  Under Earl Dayton had one of the first Ohio Urban Renewal Projects--R-2.  This massive project cleared an area just west of downtown and east of the Great Miami River.  This is where you will now find Sinclair Community College, the Federal Building, the Montgomery County Administration high rise, motels, parking garages, etc. etc. etc.  The cutting of I-75 through the City was part of the project.  This generated huge amounts of non cash credits to finance the Urban Renewal Project.  If you don't know Urban Renewal financing you won't understand a word of that.  Earl was raised in Dayton, college educated in New Mexico, and returned to Dayton to start in the Sewer Department. The rest is history.  Earl retired as City Manager in 1984.  He had built a house in the historic Oregon District of the City and remained active in City undertakings until his death.  

Note - Earl Sterzer was OCCD President in 1969.

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