OCCD Annual Awards and OCCD Foundation Scholarship

September 29, 2016

Ohio Conference of Community Development (OCCD) Member Awards, the President’s Award for Innovative Practices, and the OCCD Foundation Public Service Scholarship were presented to recipients at the 2016 Summer Annual Meeting in Toledo, Ohio.

The OCCD Member Awards are as follows:

         Legacy Awards – In recognition of individuals who have advanced community development programs with particular ardor and creativity throughout their careers, and where long-term benefits are demonstrable and noteworthy.

Karen Fabiano                                    Ken Lengieza

 2016 Recipients:  Karen Fabiano, ODSA (Now ARC Washington DC) and Ken Lengieza, Marion County RPC


The George Voinovich Distinguished Public Service Award – In recognition of individuals who have devoted much of their lives to the benefit of society through careers in community development in the public and/or private sectors.

Doug Garver 

 2016 Recipient:  Doug Garver, OHFA


         Community Development Partner of the Year Award – In recognition of a non-profit or faith-based organization, individual, business, financial institution, foundation, intermediary, government agency, or other entity that has provided exceptional support to the community development industry.

CDC of Ohio 

 2016 Recipient:  Ohio CDC Association


          Community Development Professional of the Year – In recognition of community development professionals whose work on a project or program had a major impact on their community.


 2016 Recipient:  Evelyn Warr-Cummings, Marion County RPC


           Young Community Development Professional of the Year – In recognition of young community development professionals whose work on a project or program had a major impact on their community. This is the inaugural year of this award that recognizes community development professionals under the age of 35.

Michael Norton-Smith 

 2016 Recipient:  Michael Norton-Smith, Montgomery County

            Additionally, Young Professionals who were intricately involved in the OCCD 50th Anniversary celebration in 2015 were honored - including Alyssa Taylor, Courtney Schneider, Jordan Frase, and Omri Gross (as pictured below)  Chloe Green and Sarah McQuaide were also honored. 


Alyssa Taylor                Courtney Schneider                 Jordan Frase                       Omri Gross


           Community Development Department of the Year – In recognition of a department whose programs collectively or one program singly has made a significant impact in their community.


 2016 Recipient:  City of Toledo Department of Neighborhoods


            Community Development Intern of the Year – In recognition of a community development student who has performed exemplary work in and exhibited overwhelming commitment to their internship.


 2016 Recipients:  Verl Luse, City of Toledo


In addition to the Member Awards, OCCD created the Public Service Scholarship Fund in 2012 to support students who are passionate about the field of community development. The scholarship fund was established in honor of William Graves and Gary Locke, who committed their careers to community development and public service in Ohio. Curtis Deeter, a graduate student studying Geography and Planning at the University of Toledo was chosen as the recipient of the $1000 scholarship.

Curtis Deeter

2016 Scholarship Recipient:  Curtis Deeter, University of Toledo


The winner of the 2016 OCCD President’s Award for Innovative Practices was also announced. The City of Xenia, On Bistro Xenia is the recipient of this year’s President’s Award. The One Bistro Xenia Project consisted of multi-faceted partnership revitalizing the Downtown Xenia Historic District through rehabilitating an historic retail space, establishing a community restaurant, and providing workforce development for adults with developmental disabilities.  City-funded design, CDBG Program Income, private philanthropy, and investment by the nonprofit property owner were innovatively overlaid to accomplish this project.

 President's Award - One Bistro Xenia

 President's Award - Xenia - One Bistro


The 2016 award and scholarship recipients were honored at OCCD’s Annual Summer Banquet held July 27, 2016 in Toledo, Ohio.

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The scholarship program was established by OCCD to honor two men who dedicated their careers to Public Service. 

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