A Deluding Plan to Make America Great Again

April 10, 2017

The Cat Lady’s Apprentice has received the following report for the local Inspector of Male Bovine Political Defecation.

A deluding Plan to Make America Great Again.

As I come out of what has been truly my, “Winter of Our Discontent” and shake off the malaise, I look at a future full of needs that will have to be addressed.  I am certain that unless we can educate our legislators we will have much less state and federal resources. I also know that the less we achieve this year to reduce poverty and blight will multiply exponentially.   

Despite the hype, that more personal and corporate tax cuts, will grow our economy so it will generate the needed jobs and subsequently the resources, it will only increase secrete political donations to protect wealth.  

Within the hype are undoable massive infrastructure improvements funded by private investments triggered by tax credits.  This has worked to some degree to provide affordable housing primarily for the elderly. Cuts in tax rates reduce the value of credits and the amount of private funds invested for the improvements. Without new taxes or user fees where will the money come from?

Also ballyhooed is a huge increase in our military capacity.  The recent political success of our attack in Syria will stimulate funding for more contracts, train more troops, and deplore more rapid response units armed with the latest technology.  Without new taxes where will the money come from?

Included in the hyperbole is a wall and policies to separate us from people in the rest of the world who don’t look or pray like our rulers.  These efforts will not protect us from criminals or terrorist. It will exclude those who come to tend our agriculture, but those who want to sell us drugs will find a way to get in.  Walls and exclusions cost a lot of money, without new taxes where will the money come from?

Also proposed is replacing Obamacare with a cheaper way for providing more care and eliminate the taxes that helped pay for the health care for a growing numbers of poor, old people.  Where will the money come to improve health care for the creeping growth of low income, old, drug addicted people living in decaying small towns and inner cities? The recent failed bill would have reduced care for millions but it would have provided a tax cut those making money from health.

The first proposed budget indicated that funds for the “General Welfare” expenses that don’t benefit the donner class will  come by reducing funds for environment protection and low income communities.   Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is to be eliminate in 2017 by excluding it from the continuing resolution. Without new taxes the money for the hype will come by eliminating federal activities that help those at the bottom of the income scale.

The local inspector of male bovine political defecation has rated the hype highly odoriferous.

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