The Magic of Spring

June 24, 2018

One Morning

On my way to get the mail

Lost in depression of our time,

Under a spectacular sky

Four, no five turkey vultures soared

Playing in high breezes

Warming their blood in bright sun

In and around each other

In ever changing circles

Careful but careless.


Prairie Fire Crab Apple

A vivid dark pink

Volunteer Red Bud,

A soft pink cloud,

Red Dogwood first time

Showing off its four peddle wonders

In the scent of cutgrass.

And wildflowers.


Captivated, I was content

Linked to life’s fundamentals

Depressing concerns erased

Aging body young again

Selfish leaders Selling my Country.


Vultures and world

Shed ugliness

By Springs Bright Greens


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